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Customer Priority Recommended Release (14.0)


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DSCK9TUNDRFixes Notes Windows Client issue: No more handles java/lang/OutOfMemoryError when in High Resolution mode. This is a...
SHEZ88XCG4Changes the acess level needed for a delegate user to be able to archive a delegatee's mail file from manager to...
EPORA47JCCFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
EPORA47JREFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
EPOR9KTK5ZFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
HANAA6JT2DSametime fixes inlcuded in 9.0.1 FP6:
Defect 32253 - Sametime auto-status change for calendar meetings doesn't...
JPAI9N5FP7Fixes intermittent Server hang condidtion due to a full Log File.
RSSNA6UU79Fixes Domino Console not connecting even when scontroller is running (see technote 1977125).
DADS9Q3JW5Fixes Domino Server crash while converting MIME messages on HTTable::GetTableTextSize.
MKIN9RNVVVResolved an issue where setting DominoValidateRedirectTo=1 breaks login if internet site set to force login over SSL....
YSAI9HDEFKFixes issue that prevented the Notes Client printing to a Xerox printer.
PACY9CGLQ3If the Client ID files has a newer name and the ID vault has the older name, after a sync, the Client ID file is...
JKEY9ZKJYRCreating a new Notes Client calendar entry on Windows 10 Norwegian locale leads to blank start date/end...
WBJT9YVM48Fixes MIME messages with character encoding CP936 (Simplified Chinese) displaying as garbage on the Notes...
HYYH9DF5GRFixes situation where emails in trash are not removed even if "Permanently delete documents after X hours" is set....
KMOAA6LDVXFixes iNotes mail or calendar create failure when using Firefox 44/45.
MKIN9WMUYHThis fix allows a user to add a custom response header in the web server by setting notes.ini:...
PPUE9ZWFG9Fixes Notes Client crash when opening the IMAP inbox if 'Accept SSL site certificates' is set to 'Yes'. This is a...
CSMH9ZJS36Platform configuration does not define the platform feature patch correctly, causing provisioning fixes to fail. This...
SHJR9HDJC7 Fixes and intermittent Domino Server crash when decrypting SMIME due to an access violation in memory below...
PMGYA4CHDZFixes intermittent Domino Server and Notes Client crash when organization is doing a key rollover. Crash occurs on...
JACEA2WPJ6Fixes intermittent Domino Server crash on Update task during the creation of full text indexes. This is a regression...
YGAO9VNL8UNotes Web: Fixed an issue where some right-click menus displayed slowly using IE.


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